5 Best Web-Design Websites for Students

The modern generation strives to get freedom in everything. They don’t want to be “comfortable” for others, obey the rules, and get a job that brings neither good money nor pleasure. Fortunately, the modern era provides them with tremendous opportunities to choose positions that meet their requirements. Young people who pay much attention to visual components and love creativity can demonstrate their capabilities in web design, for example. The IT sector is one of the most developed nowadays, and since you can hardly do without digital, it is worth trying your hand at mastering web design skills. If you are a student, and you don’t have enough time to improve your skills in a new area because of assignments, it is worth using such services as a papercoach at least sometimes.

1. Wix

To find a free web-design website is like to get a successful lottery ticket. Students learn different things, including coding, but sometimes their skills are not enough to create a website, and it is when Wix can come to the rescue. It is a perfect tool for rookies, and at the same time, it allows you to apply your improved skills. However, you should bear in mind that a free trial period isn’t endless, and if you want to create a stunning website on this platform, it is worth getting a premium account.

2. Alison

People who are interested in web design at least a bit might have heard about courses that Alison can provide them with. Don’t look for excuses for why you cannot register for it, for instance, when I need to free up my schedule, I can use a specialized service to do my math homework online because web-design is a top priority for me. Thus, here you can get all knowledge required to start a job in web design. Besides, you will be able to get a diploma or a certificate after completion of the chosen course. To be able to combine your regular curriculum and online courses, you should improve your time management.

3. SiteBuilder

Even though it is more advanced than the first website on the list, it is still user-friendly. There are different customizable templates that allow you to apply your design to them. You don’t need much coding skills, so you will be able to completely focus on design. You can adjust different features to understand what works out for you the best. This site provides you with numerous opportunities to try your hand at experimenting with the design. And even a premium account will not cost you a pretty penny, so you can study speedypaper.com review to have a backup plan when you need to free up time.

4. Ed2go

It resembles Alison, but the chances are high that you will like it even more, especially if you are interested in working with WordPress and creating an advanced design. However, you can start with the basics and just gradually improve your level. If your curriculum is somehow connected with web design, it is still worth signing up for an online course because it can clarify you moments you didn’t get in class. And you will be able to get a certificate and find a part-time job.

5. Codecademy

It is a perfect website for students who want to master coding but don’t have money. Thus, it is free of charge, so you can use it as an additional resource to improve your knowledge. The provided lessons will be suitable for rookies, and if your teacher uses too much slang, this site will become your great helper in getting the coding concepts as well.