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Kim LaRocca Henry, Owner

Kim LaRocca Henry, owner of 4 Site Web Design , oversees and manages every website. She has a Bachelor of Science degree in Computer Science and Italian from Rutgers University in New Brunswick, NJ. She designed all of the Real Estate Websites featured on this site, and manages a network of professionals who are proficient in all aspects of web design, programming and Internet marketing. View her portfolio and resume on her personal website .

Agi Anderson, Broker / Advisor

Agi Anderson, owner of A1A , started her career selling for builders in 1990 and now owns her own real estate brokerage (A1A Internet Realty in Brevard County, Florida). Agi assists with marketing plans, advertising campaigns, project coordination, web development, Internet marketing and business consulting. Thanks to Agi, our real estate websites have been featured in Florida REALTOR® Magazine! Click here to preview the article... if you look closely at the computer screen, you can see our " website designs " page!

Tony Martinez, Certified e-PRO® Trainer / Advisor

Tony Martinez, e-PRO® Trainer and owner of real estate web marketing company , makes sure our real estate websites are up to the standards expected by Internet savvy real estate professionals.

Stephen Harris, Search Engine Optimization Specialist / Advisor

Stephen Harris, Managing Director for SPH Associates , brings together 20 years of Fortune 1000 technology and marketing experience. Stephen helps "leverage the power of the Internet" by making sure that our real estate websites are optimized and complaint with current SEO (search engine optimization) practices.

I recently had a had glitch with my e-mail program and quite a few messages were lost. How fortunate I am to have the On-Line Lead Manager, otherwise all those leads would have been permanently lost. I am grateful that my web site is hosted with 4 Site web design.
>> Agi Anderson
Thanks so much for your help with this. As always -- YOU'RE AWESOME!!!
>> Arlene Glasco
Thanks for everything. I look forward to referring you lots and lots of business--your work is AWESOME!
>> Carolyn MacEvoy
This is a killer website! I love it. Great job!
>> Gail Doscher
I am delighted with everything you have done. The Architectural Tours turned out great, in fact, the entire website is excellent – I am very pleased with it.
>> Jan Hexamer-Gardner
The site is absolutely wonderful and has gone beyond my hopes. Thank you so much. With out you guys I would not be doing the business I am doing. It is worth every penny I paid for the site and some.

You are so helpful ... Kim you have a great career ahead of you if you treat every customer the way you treat me.
>> Jeff Fulgham
WOW!!! You're the Super Best!!! Thank you so much for putting it together so quickly. If I had a winning race horse, I would name her KIM!
>> Julia Meadows
You’re awesome – thank you for always being available!!! You are always so wonderful and helpful!!!
>> Julie & Ted Hummel
As usual you are the best!!! I'm very happy with my site, a lot of nice complements, thanks to you.
>> Lenise Lowry
Kim, thanks for your help. You have no idea what a continual relief it is to me to just be able to ask you questions like this. I'll gladly refer anyone I know to you at any time. I cannot tell you how pleased we are, both with the website, and with you...

I have nothing to say but good things about you. I can't think of a single negative experience we've ever had since you took over our website, and many times you have gone way beyond in helping me with my lack of technological abilities. We will be glad to be a reference for you anytime.

By the way, I was thinking today that I almost think it was worth losing $2000 to that idiot company to have you instead.
>> Margie J. Shine
I LOVE MY WEBSITE! You are so creative! Thank you for helping me. I'm so glad I found your company.
>> Nicole Perry
Thank you, thank you. By the way, the site looks great and the control panel looks pretty user friendly.
>> Patty Johnson
This site is very user friendly and easy to navigate. I am very impressed. I love the quick turnaround.
>> Rosalyn Blaylock
It [the website] looks great, thank you so much for your help, and how quick you respond to me!!!
>> Ryan Bittinger
Good evening, Tony. I've been meaning to take a moment to write you a letter. I'm glad to say that I've been busy and that is why I haven't sent this sooner.

Kim LaRocca Henry - - is absolutely INCREDIBLE!!!

I couldn't be more pleased with the service I have received thus far. She has taken care of everything. I am amazed - there is not a time that I send her an e-mail that I do not receive an immediate, kind and informative response. Even in the evening! Does she not take time off???

Kudos - - -

Also, I am very excited about my new website. I love the look and the feel of it. I didn't realize how boring the look of my other site was. That powder blue and beige... just let me say, the impact of my new site will no doubt grab more attention.

I'll say it for you, "you told me so" - I should have switched months ago before it became an emergency situation.
>> Sidney L. Walker
You're good, quick, and excellent! Thanks for your quick service! I've had many complements on my site. I really like this so much more than Informedia. The picture slide show on the listings is really impressive. I am getting plenty of inquiries lately. Thanks again!
>> Steve Mayo
THE WEB SITE LOOKS AWESOME! In case I haven't told you... thanks for all your hard work!
>> Trey Pierson

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