Did you know... we also offer pre-developed websites for Mortgage Offices & Loan Officers , Home Builders , and Retailers , as well as general business websites .
Can I change the design or have you change it for me?
Our websites are what we call "customizable pre-developed websites". You start by picking a design layout that you like best and we customize it for you with your color choices, graphics, logos, wording, etc. You can change almost everything except the basic design layout. The possibilities are only limited by your imagination!
Can I change the wording on the buttons?
Yes. Our websites are highly customizable, and we would consider this part of your setup fee.
Can I pay by check?
Yes. If you wish to pay by check, please call us at 973-582-2257 to place your order. You can also prepay annual website hosting by check.
Can I take a feature from a higher level package and switch it with a feature I don't want in a lower level package?
That depends on which features you want to switch, but usually this is not a problem! Our websites are highly customizable, and we would consider this part of your setup fee.
Do I have to host with you?
Yes. Our websites are dynamic and connected to a central database that powers them, so they must be hosted by us on our web servers in order to work properly. The hosting fee also includes website maintenance and customer support. Unlike other website companies, we do not lock you into any hosting contracts - you can cancel your website hosting anytime.
Do you also design logos?
Of course! We can arrange for one of our print/logo designers to contact you if you would like us to design a new logo for you or your company.
Do you design custom websites?
How long will it take to get my new website up and running?
New websites are usually up and running within 3-5 business days of your order. Your website may take longer to go live if you are transferring a domain name (as opposed to registering a new domain name). Domain name transfers take 24-72 hours to complete.
How would a prospect find my site?
A prospect would find your site through your personal advertising (signs, business cards, etc.) as well as through the search engines. All of our packages include 3 months of search engine submission and optimization tools.
Is email part of the package?
Yes, but the type of email depends on which website package you choose. All our website packages come with unlimited email forwarding addresses. A forwarding address is an e-mail address that forwards all email received by it to another e-mail account. Some packages include POP email accounts. POP email accounts allow users to send and receive email using any standards-based client (such as Outlook). You can also check your POP email account using our web-based email system.
Three months of search engine submission is included in all your website packages. What happens next?
After the first three months of seach engine submissions, you can renew your search engine program for $47 per quarter. Usually one submission is enough to get your site reviewed, so after the first three months your site should be recognized by the search engines we submit to.
Which search engines do you submit to?
The complete list of search engines we submit your site to can be found on this page:
Who owns the domain name?
When you order your new website, you can choose to register a new domain name. We will register and maintain your domain name for you, but the domain name is owned by you.
Who owns the website design?
While we own all the original website designs, you own your customized template. If for any reason you decide to cancel your website services with our company, you will have the option of taking your customized template files with you. We will provide you with a license to use your design and a copy of the files associated with your design.
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